Creating self-portraits has allowed me to place myself into varying characters I have seen others play out in my life. I have spend the last several years exploring and contemplating the roles of animals and the ways in which we interact and depend upon them. In both the past and the present, we see them as commodities, as sustenance, sources of entertainment, symbols of prosperity, and beacons of inspiration for science and knowledge. I see these performances as a way of preserving these specimens to reflect on the varying ties I share with wildlife.

These self-portraits are a part of a larger installation titled, Cache, which includes found objects from nature. See other portfolios for more context.

Luxury © Sarah J Stankey
Teddy Roosevelt: Hunter Naturalist
Animal Print
A Woman can Smell a Mink Through Six Inches of Lead
Ghillie Suit
Take Home Chicken Dinner
Self-portrait as Scientist