The Luckiest Girl in the World

The traditions of adorning oneself with the hind limb of a rabbit is deeply rooted in folklore and therefore difficult to trace its roots back to one specific beginning. Thinking of the rabbit as a symbol of fertility, and therefore luck, seems to be fairly common place in many cultures worldwide. This is likely due to the fact that female rabbits can easily give birth to many dozens of baby rabbits in any given year. This is because they possess the ability to become pregnant after only five months of life, mating triggers their ovulation, females are only pregnant for one month and they can become pregnant again the very next day after giving birth to up to a dozen babies.

Traditionally, it is said that many things must come together for any specific rabbit’s foot to possess luck. Though these details too are up for debate, here are just some of the things that are necessary for the creation of a true lucky rabbit’s foot. Said rabbit must be killed on a rainy Friday the 13th during either a full moon or a new moon in a graveyard by a dark skinned, red-headed, bow-legged, left-handed man riding an all-white horse with a silver bullet. Some say it is also preferred to remove the hind left foot of said rabbit while it is still alive.

I am interested in my own ability to channel this luck, not by simply abiding by the traditional means, but rather through numbers alone. I wonder, do more feet equal more luck? Can I reverse the effects of the repeated acts of unlucky superstitions?